Hi! I'm Jim Rash and I want to welcome you to my personal website. I host the late morning slot from 9-Noon on WGMD, The Talk of Delmarva at 92.7-FM in Rehoboth Beach.

     I've got to tell you, knowing what to include here reminds me of the line in Bob Seger's Against the Wind, "what to leave in, what to leave out." So, I'll cover some personal and some professional information.

     I'm from Harrington. It was a great place to grow up...Boy Scouts, MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship), Little League, high school sports. My grandfather owned the pool hall so I spent a lot of time learning bad habits (being careful not to exercise them under his watchful eye). I graduated high school in 1967, worked at the DuPont nylon plant in Seaford for a year, then joined the Navy. After Boot Camp in Great Lakes, Illinois, I went to Pensacola, Florida, where I trained as a Communications Technician (CT) and was subsequently stationed in Morocco and on Guam. After my discharge I moved to Dover, went to Delaware State College, then moved to California where I lived for 17 years. I worked in radio in Bakersfield and Fresno. In Bakersfield I worked in Top-40 and AOR (Album Oriented Rock) radio. After deciding Id rather be rich than famous, I went into radio advertising sales, sales management, and station management. Contemporary Christian Music was my next format (in Fresno) where I also hosted a Sunday evening talk show. I moved back to Delaware in 1991 and married my high school sweetheart. We have two kids and five grandchildren.

     In 2008 I was elected State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delaware. It was during the 2010 election cycle that I met Bill Colley when he interviewed me as the LPD candidate for the U.S. Senate. I've since left the Libertarian Party but will always be libertarian.

     Now I'm doing what I love...being on-the-air! I've been given a unique opportunity to express my libertarian views as they relate to current events which is why I sometimes seem Conservative and sometimes appear to be Liberal. Actually, my political leanings are Classical Liberalism which, according to Wikipedia, "is a political ideology, a branch of liberalism which advocates civil liberties and political freedom with limited government under the rule of law and emphasizes economic freedom."

     Well, that's about it. I'm not inclined to talk about myself (I guess you'll be the judge of that!) so I've left out my hobbies, the list of Merit Badges, and that whole thing about "long walks on the beach." You're welcome!

     I'd appreciate any input you may have about my show...topics, suggestions, and/or questions. If you'll just send me an e-mail that would be most helpful. I look forward to hearing from you!

Liberty Through Learning

These are books by Thomas J. DiLorenzo. I highly recommend his work and think you'll be pleased. I've read Lincoln Unmasked, How Capitalism Saved America, and Hamilton's Curse.

Here are some books on the economy. Henry Hazlett's Economics in One Lesson is excellent reading.

Capitalism will save us from Socialism. Check these out.

I've linked each cover's image to Amazon.com so you can see editorial and reader reviews. I would encourage you to shop locally for your books. My bookstore is Browseabout Books on the Avenue in Rehoboth.