Who's In The Taxi?

     Well, by now you know there are three of us. I want to tell you about how we grew up on the same block and played Little League baseball together when we were kids. How we formed our first band in high school and had to beg our moms to take us to band jobs, but I can't because it didn't happen that way. Actually, when we got together it was all quite impersonal and involved the Internet and an ad in a local advertising publication. So, I'll try to fill in some of the blanks to help you know who we are and how we got here.

     Greg's background is mostly in heavy metal bands that played songs by groups like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Alice Cooper. While growing up in Baltimore, Greg played in several bands, the most famous of which was Silver Queen. They played not only in Baltimore but also from Philadelphia to Martinsburg, West Virginia. Of course he started out playing other people's music but wound up playing his own original material. In fact, Greg eventually went to New York City to record (and later perform) several of his own songs. Eventually tiring of the hectic pace of the city, Greg, who already owned a house near Fenwick Island, got a job transfer to Georgetown. As a Beatles fan he wasn't able to play a lot of their music in the bands he was in while in Baltimore. So, once he settled in on this side of the Chesapeake, he started learning acoustic guitar, all the while keeping in mind his goal of playing the music he loved in front of a live audience. Early in 2002, Greg contacted me as the result of seeing a profile I'd filled out on AOL. (To read more about Greg, in his own words, click here.)

     Growing up in Annapolis, Bob played in bands all his life. In fact, he comes from a musical family. Both of his brothers play the guitar and his dad used to join them on the harmonica. Bob's passed the family tradition on to his sons, Woody (who plays drums and guitar) and Nathan (who plays guitar and bass). The first audition Greg and I held was with Bob. Even though there were several other auditions scheduled, after playing with Bob the rest of them were cancelled and Newspaper Taxi was formed. Bob's musical tastes are very similar to mine which include (in addition to The Beatles) Crosby, Stills, & Nash and the Eagles. Bob's been playing music in the Ocean City area for years now and is very familiar with the local music scene. He's a contractor in Millville and owns Bayland Renovators.

     It seems like I've always been singing; starting out in church choirs and eventually singing in bands in Harrington, Delaware and Denton, Maryland. After high school I enlisted in the Navy, which was when I taught myself how to play the guitar just so I'd have music to sing along with. After my discharge, I moved to California and went into radio as a disc jockey and air personality. Over the years, I kept playing and singing but only for my own pleasure and, eventually, moved back to Delaware in 1990. When Greg and I got together we found out that we both had respect and admiration for The Beatles so we decided to make a go of it. Even though the songs were coming together, we felt that if we had a third member, we'd capture the sound we really wanted. So, we ran an ad in The Guide and had several musicians respond who were interested in what we were doing so we started setting up auditions. As I mentioned above, after our audition with Bob there wasn't any reason to look further.

     Bob and Greg live about 10 minutes from each other while I live in Milford where I work with my wife and son in the real estate business. Even though we live far apart, we've all made a commitment to this project, probably because we just like getting together and making music. If others like what they're doing, well, that's even better. At this point in our lives, we're having a ball and look forward to the prospect of playing together for several years to come.

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